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Operators and Drivers the Uber Tribunal Ruling

Many of you will have become aware of the ruling reached in the tribunal brought against Uber.

We would advise Private Hire Operators that this case was specific to Ubers mode of operation and its very specific operating system.

As an operator should you be offering a similar or identical system and contract this will impact upon your service.

Those who operate different model will no doubt continue on however you may wish to reconsider your treatment of drivers if you have had a cause to act to deny work or put very strict guidelines I which do not relate to self employment.

If you are in doubt seek legal advice however for most this will not be necessary.

Drivers you will not be employees unless you already have an employed roll however you may in certain circumstances have worker rights these are still on case by case basis dependent on your operator.

If you are a Uber driver the results of the tribunal can be found here.

The main issue is to safeguard the trade and this is our aim.

Posted: 31st October 2016

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