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Ulez Update for PHV.

Not everything is hard and fast.

There are issues on charge points.

Gregg Mendoza from Cary questioned if special VAT may be added if the Government lose fuel duties.

We have brought up issues of fare rates for power (Who Polices this?).

More to come.

Proposal Slides.

ULEZ PHV update – 15 April V2 post meetingThis is an update following our ULEZ meeting.

PHV Availability Update – 15 April 2015 – Print at A3

Dear all,

I would like to thank you again for taking the time to meet with us on Wednesday and your commitment to this continued engagement.

In summary I took from today’s meeting that you broadly welcome the Mayor’s confirmation of the ULEZ scheme in central London from 2020. Also, that there will be a separate decision whether to amend the PHV licensing requirement so that we can have a more detailed discussion. Likewise, we are in agreement that setting more stringent emission requirements is necessary to accelerate the transition of the PHV fleet to cleaner vehicles but

Posted: 17th April 2015

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