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Taxi Drivers in Basildon gain a 9% and 18% rise on meter start rates GMB in Action.

Taxi drivers in Basildon borough got between 9% and 18% rise on the meter start rate depending on whether you work days or nights in fares today.

This the first increase in over 4 years.

This was negotiated by Mick Guyll of the GMB Pro Drivers Branch

Despite opposition from some councillors who do not understand drivers need to earn a realistic living GMB managed to get it voted through with the caveat of yearly fare increases for the next 3 years.

A vote of thanks was sent to thank Steve Garelick, Michelle Bacon and the GMB Pro Drivers Branch

We are thankful citizens advice who we managed to get to survey drivers over income outgoings and working hours and send their survey/report to council licensing.

This just goes to prove united we stand divided we fall

In Mick’s inimitable words: ‘Up the workers!’

Posted: 11th April 2016

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