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I attended a lecture yesterday that was given by the nutritionist Fiona Stephens.   For once, it did not throw emphasis on what NOT to take, but it was totally concentrated on what we should be having, which is simply H2O.  There are few in the population that recognise this failure and many of us would all benefit from consuming up to 4 pints of water per day.  Consider a few other factors that come into the equation too.

If we all took this advice, the benefits of rehydration are endless.  It would help to combat all these conditions plus many more.  These conditions listed below affect both the young and old.

 Digestive and Bowel Problems such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Forgetfulness, Tiredness, Aching joints, Dizziness, Memory loss and Insomnia.

All that you would need to take is up to 4pints (8 glasses) per day, and this would enable your body to reverse these very common conditions.

The other important factor is to ‘know thy body’.  Bio Testing (= finding out the biological age of your body, you could be either younger or older than your chronological age, by measuring Bone Density, Weight, BMI, and your Circulatory system).   Nutritional Screening measures the level of Vitamins and Minerals present or lacking in your body.  It would be useful because it would flag up which specific nutrients you would need to include in your daily nutritional plan.

A good nutritionist would be your first port of call, when embarking on a plan to improve your health and fitness levels.

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You would need to take up to 4 pints of water (6-8 glasses) over the course of your day, and this would help your body manage these very common conditions much better.   If you drink in-between or just before meals, I am sure you will feel the benefits of this, rather than drinking it all in one go!  So, put a stop the symptoms that trouble you!

Drinking H20 regularly throughout the day gives your digestive system and other organs the rehydration that they need.   Quantities will vary depending on a person’s size, build and activity levels.   If you are a chocaholic, try substituting Dark Chocolate instead of eating Milk Chocolate.

The very important Omega 3 is mainly associated with Salmon, Sardines & Mackerel and other oily fish, however it can also be obtained by grinding Linseed or flaxseeds, a great addition for homemade smoothies or sprinkling on cereals!

It was pointed out that by way of scientific evidence that if you had no food it would take you a month to expire, whereas without Water you would only survive a week!  All in all this makes a very convincing argument towards improving our health, with just a small attention to detail with minimal cost, H20.

Bill Hayford

Posted: 15th July 2015

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