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GMB Writes to Addison Lee in relation to drivers fears for the future.

We have written to Addison Lee without response

Letters to Addison Lee

Letters to Addison Lee

We believe the following issues are part of the problem.:-

The Carlyle Group do not in our view don’t understand the Private Hire Trade or in frankness care beyond their bottom line.

Do you believe a Premium brand has been damaged by following others in the market in a race to the bottom?

Are Troublesome customers on the increase (COA) Drunks etc?

Most of the cuts by management have been passed onto the driver without consultation.

What happens if Uber reduce rates further will Addison Lee?

Does cheap equal premium service.?

Stratford to Heathrow off peak under £55

John Griffin said “If we look after drivers, drivers will look after punters”.

Addison Lee was built on this ethos

Is it true today?

Act now while you still can or will Addison Lee become Uber.

Drivers need to negotiate on rates and points with management.

We will be holding a meeting with a view to action no doubt a protest sounds unusual but will have to be considered.

Posted: 24th March 2016

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