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GMB Professional Driver Branch Vision and Action

The GMB Professional Drivers believe in certain values in line with the GMB Policy and aims to enhance the working lives of all its members; providing leadership and advise and treating all its members as equals whether they be branch officers or members who require our help at any time.

We will continually fight for recognition of been classed as professionals and where necessary a cap on numbers by pushing for tougher topographical tests including strong testing for drivers including testing oral and literacy levels.

We agree that public hire and private hire need to be kept as two tier and endeavor to work to keep this so.

We will always carry out our work in a democratic way.

We will work for mutual understanding and respect between all professional drivers.

Our membership is open to all professional drivers who drive professionally for their income throughout the United Kingdom.

A National minimum fare for private hire and Taxi is a necessity and we will do all we can to achieve , We feel that many drivers do not make the equivalent of living wage or work excessive hours to meet their obligations and this must change.

We will work to enable our members to work in a safe environment and to push for prosecution of those who verbally or physically abuse our members or make off without payment.

Professional Drivers deserve a reasonable quality of life. We will do all we can to make this a reality.

We will keep our members informed on aspects of the trade that are relevant to you by attending meetings and making sure your questions are answered.

We will lobby all relevant parties for our members when the need arises and always attend and answer consultations papers that are again relevant to our members.

We will publish all outcomes to our members where applicable and work to educate our members where appropriate.
We will seek to advise you if you contact us on any matter relating to professional drivers, be it a grievance with the company that you work with whether you are self-employed or employed as a driver or an internal member of staff, or if you have a problem with a licensing authority.

We will continually seek to get you discounts on services and supplies relevant to our trade and professional legal help via Union Line on legal matters.

We will continually work to resolve all injustices against our members.

We will have quarterly branch meetings every year of which all paid up members are entitled to attend and inform you via email, post or trade magazines of the date in advance.

Posted: 3rd March 2015

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