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Further email to TFL, The Mayor and Assembly members on UberPool


I am writing to advise that we believe there are further issues in relation to UberPool.

Firstly in exhibiting availability when already POB (Passenger on Board) this appears to be plying for hire.

Secondly we understand from Plan Insurance brokers LV insurance do nta low private hire policy holders to offer this service as is akin to a bus in their view.

Furthermore I understand many insurance carriers are reconsidering their policy wording based on increased risks.

On this basis I would ask you now to request Uber suspend operations of this sharing package that they have started in a clear attempt to subvert the ongoing consultation.

I would add finally that in not allowing drivers to cancel this aspect of their contract once accepted there is a question again about the propriety of this company and their claims to have the interests of its customers (drivers) at heart.

Steve Garelick

Branch Secretary Professional Drivers G56






Posted: 4th December 2015

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