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Finally Toilet Facility Information For London Licensed Drivers, GMB Campaign Success.

Following an ongoing campaign to help Licensed drivers find toilets thought London a link can be found here a copy of the acknowledgement is below.


I wanted to let you know that there’s a story in the weekly email to licensed drivers this week (due to be sent at or around 5pm this evening) which leads drivers to new information we’ve put on our website today regarding toilet facilities in London.

This piece of work has come about as the direct result of an issue Steve Garelick has raised a number of times. I know it’s taken a while for us to get around to it, but I hope it’s helpful to drivers. Internally, it’s certainly been found to be such a useful piece of work that, although we developed it for taxi and private hire drivers, it’s been placed on the general pages of the website so that all our customers can benefit from it. Hence why there is a ‘landing’ section on the TPH pages before it takes you through to another page.

Here is the link to the online content – It would be wonderful if you could further promote this to drivers through your communications channels.

Best wishes

Silka Kennedy-Todd | Head of Taxi and Private Hire Stakeholder Relations

Posted: 21st April 2016

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