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We on the GMB Welfare Team have great pleasure in announcing the joining with the above organization in a new scheme to improve the HEALTH of both you and your family.This is part of the moving forward that has been in progress over the passed few months.
Few would disagree that this branch is barely recognizable when comparisons are made.
This scheme is designed to improve the health of members and we will be adding to it and refining it to suit the lifestyles across the board of our members.We will also be paying special attention to your families.You will notice for instance that there are not only gyms but swimming pools listed in the availability of Everoneactives facilities at vast discount to GMB members and kin.They also have running and cycling clubs available to you and much more to keep you fit.
We will welcome any ideas that you may have personally,so please be in touch with me.

Watch This Space.

Posted: 28th November 2014

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