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Carlyle & Addison Lee protests by drivers in a race to the bottom.

Addison Lee drivers have held two demonstrations at Carlyle Groups Head Quarters in London’s Mayfair district home to High Value restaurants, Homes and Boutiques.

No Champagne lunches for the hard pressed drivers who have had a new set of financial terms imposed upon the drivers.

Addison Lee and Carlyle have decided to impose their rates and charges on drivers despite the drivers allegedly being self employed.

Who providing a service would expect that wholesale changes would be enforced without any real discussion.

Where management have engaged it has been with some individuals or small groups alledgedly based on pressure techniques used by North American firms for compliance.

On top of that drivers have been terminated from contracts on very spurious grounds.

Carlyle and Addison Lee are ignoring requests for meetings despite claiming they have negotiated with drivers and their groups which is a totally inaccurate.

We will be writing to clientele of Addison Lee to see if they think it is ethical to act in this fashion and judge for themselves.

Posted: 12th June 2016

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